3 Ways to Enjoy KeyLime Cove with your Kids

Exterior2Searching for a tropical, beach-like experience that where you don’t have to travel south? The ultimate vacation is at KeyLime Cove Indoor Water Park Resort: the perfect family-fun experience for you and the kids next weekend.

This award-winning waterpark resort in Gurnee is the destination for you to just get away from it all.

KeyLime Cove obtains 414 resort-style guest rooms that can sleep up to 12 people! What’s 2girls suite compressedeven better about this indoor paradise is that with the purchase of one of their luxurious rooms, you receive free admission to the water parks.

While your kids are having fun splish splashing in the water park, parents can dry off at the Crazy-Toucan; a place for adults to wet their whistle.

Are you ready to embark on journey to the Island of Relaxation? Here are 3 ways to enjoy KeyLime Cove with your kids.

Kids purple slide1.)    Recline and Relax under the Ceiling as your kids get their fills of thrills

Technically you’re indoors, but you are exposed to a balmy 84 degrees where the sun always shines. Like a trip to Key West, you’ll pack your swimsuits or trunks without the worry of a possible storm raining on your parade.

But nobody wants to just relax when you have Lost Paradise Waterpark staring at you. The Cove provides the wild rides of a lifetime with the Hurricane Vortex, Splash Down, Slip Slidin’ Away and Wahoo & Screaming Banshee.WP play structure from tower

If heights aren’t your fancy, grab a tube and kick your feet up on the Tsunami Washout Wave
pool, KeyLime Creek or the KeyLime Grotto (the adult-nook that is a relaxing whirlpool spa).

2.)    Entertainment for the entire family

If your hands have gotten a little too wrinkly for your taste for experiencing a long day of Lost Paradise, maybe a little competition is at hand.

You and your kids can start your preparing with the best trash talk as you head to RipTide Reef Arcade. Test your skills when the sun goes down as KeyLime Cove holds sessions RipTideReefArcadeat Leapin’ Lizard or compete at one of the Guitar Hero or Wii competitions.

Join an early morning tour to get a behind the scene look at the Gurnee Resort waterpark tours. Receive a glimpse on their technique of keeping a safe, clean 84 degree facility and how KeyLime Cove implements their Ozone technology.

3.)    Dining and Shopping

The delicious dishes are endless at KeyLime Cove. Enjoy KeyLime Cove with the kids at one of Caribbean Chicken Sandwichsix splendid and delightful options.  There’s something appealing for all of the family.

KeyLime Cove options are the Crazy Toucan (try signature dishes Fiesta Nachos, Cuban Burger, Caribbean Chicken, Wahoo Cajun Shrimp & Chicken), D.W. Anderson’s Eatery and Ice Cream Parlor (signature dishes Chicken Pot Pie Roll, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Rockin’ Reuben, Big and Bopper), Island Temptations, Anna Chovy’s Pizzeria, Hot Diggety Dawg and Sharky’s Big Bites.Key Lime CoveLooking walk off of breakfast, lunch and dinner before you dive in for some more fun in the Lost Paradise? Scour some of KeyLime Cove’s unique shops for souvenirs, gifts or maybe just a present for yourself. The Cove obtains stores such as Island Hoppers Outfitters (retail apparel), LuLu’s Swim Shoppe (swimwear seller) or Mangrove Jack’s 24 Hour Trading Post (Hodge podge shop).

For other shopping options, journey right over I-94 for Gurnee Mills.

Enjoy these three ways of enjoying KeyLime Cove with the kids and then some. Make a visit to KeyLime Cove next weekend! Continue here for a chance to win a free stay at KeyLime Cove




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