Bass Pro Shops by: Ellen

You should really go to Bass Pro Shops because they have a lot of stuff like camping equipment, kid’s stuff, archery, fishing and much more. Bass Pro is great for the whole family.

If you go there you can get any kind of camping gear that you need. Some of the camping stuff they have are tents, sleeping bags, stoves and folding chairs. The tents, of all sizes, protect you from rain and bugs. Some of the tents are huge so you have lots of room and the whole family can fit. There sleeping bags also come in different sizes, from kids to adults. Don’t forget the folding chairs that you can use for camping for anytime. Some of the chairs they sell have foot rests actually attached to the chair.

Bass Pro also has a lot of things for kids too. They have paintball guns and the things they with them like masks, clothes and boots. They also have the paintballs, so you don’t have to go to a different place to buy them.

They also have all the stuff for archery for kids and adults. The sell the arrows, bows and targets. The target will help kids learn how to aim. The arrows come in different sizes and colors. With the archery equipment you can hunt animals like deer, bears and rabbits.

Next time you are in Lake County make sure you stop in Bass Pro Shop. They are located in Gurnee Mills Mall in Gurnee. While you are there you can pick up all your camping, archery and fishing equipment and stuff for the kids too.


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