Biking Across the County

Looking for an outdoor activity this weekend?  One of Lake County’s most appealing features is its easily accessible recreational areas, and bicycles are an exciting and environmentally-friendly way to see the sites Lake County has to offer.  From highly concentrated networks of bike trails in Vernon Hills, Grayslake, and Buffalo Grove to convenient routes to the 20-mile long Millennium Trail, there are abundant choices for bicyclists of every skill set.

And don’t forget, safety first!  Always wear a helmet, and be aware of other riders.  Ride on the right side of the trail, pass on the left, and call out in advance if you’re passing.  Also keep in mind that some trails are used for equestrian purposes as well, so yield for horses!

Lake County bike trails are hard to miss – they’re everywhere!  For a county-wide map, please visit the Lake County transportation website.

For downloadable maps of trails at Lake County Forest Preserve District sites, the Lake County Forest Preserves website.

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