Family Fun

Halloween 1988

The Ghost of Halloween Past!

We all have our fair shares of Halloween memories.   There’s the good ones like first year you trick-or-treated without parents or when you felt like you had the perfect costume.  Or maybe it’s the not so good ones, like that one year when it rained and was so cold that you had to wear […]

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Header kids eat free

Kids Eat Free (…or close to it)

Going out to eat with most kids, is an interesting adventure. They’re usually so excited to be out to dinner, that they’re too distracted to actually eat! And this is when the barter system starts a little sooner than usual. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. It goes a little something like this: If you […]

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fright fest 2013 (8)

Final Weekend for the Best and Biggest Fright Fest Ever!

I love scary movies.  But what’s better than movies?  Getting to live out the same scenarios, in real life, but surviving. And spending the whole night laughing about how that one creepy clown silently crept up behind your friends and just stood there quietly until they noticed and then ran away screaming. This year is […]

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Lake County Forest Preserve Trout Season 2013

Trout season has officially started!  Banana Lake in Wauconda’s Lakewood Forest Preserve, has been stocked and is open for rainbow trout fishing. . Most of the stocked trout range in size from three-quarters to one pound. Trout stocking is a biannual fall and spring event at the 3.2-acre Banana Lake. Daily creel limit is five. The deepest […]

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