Century Park by: Alex

Have you ever been to Century Park? It is the best! If you have been there you know it has the best scenery, sports areas and it is the biggest park in Vernon Hill Park District.

First, some of the most pleasing parts in the park are the lakes, forests and the flat land is perfect for holding events with the family like picnics. The park has the best scenery because the lakes and forest look perfect together.

The next best part are the sports areas. Our favorite ones are the fishing lakes, 3 baseball fields, basketball courts, volleyball court, long paths to hike, ice skating rink and the snow hills. The most fabulous part of Century Park is Big Bear Lake, which is excellent for fishing. You can even catch a huge one foot long bass.

Last but not least, it is the biggest park in Vernon Hills, Illinois. You can fish, travel the mile long path, enjoy 2 playgrounds, picnic and play in the sports areas. No matter what you like to do there is always room for it.

Now you see why it is the best park, because it has perfect scenery, sports areas, picnics, fishing and it is really big. Century Park is the best park around, so be sure to visit it when you are in Lake County.

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