Crunching Numbers

By Dobie Maxwell –

The passing of December 12th, 2012 into history hopefully puts an end to all the hullaballoo of having to point out cosmic calendar alignment dates. “12/12/12” is only the latest. Since the turn of the millennium, it’s been a common occurrence for media to highlight every last one of them.

I remember it starting with “1/1/01” and that might have been halfway interesting, but now it’s nothing more than annoying because it’s been done to death. Not only was it done with the round numbers like “3/3/03” etc, but every other possible combination like “1/23/04”. Enough already.

Is it really any different than any other day? I don’t think so. People are born and others die all days of the year. Did any more people than usual win the lottery on 7/7/07? I’ll bet there were an extraordinary amount of weddings that day as well. I wonder if the percentage of those couples still married is any different than any other day.  I’d highly doubt it, but what do I know? It’s a guess.

There was a movement in Wisconsin to make 12/12/12 “Aaron Rodgers Day”, since that’s his uniform number. I find this ridiculous, and I’m a lifelong Packer fan. Would it have been similar if Jay Cutler would have been with the Bears in 2006? I don’t think very many would have celebrated – at least not Bears fans. To me, “6/6/6” represents Mr. Cutler perfectly.

This is all very much like the odometer of a car passing a milestone number. It comes up for a few seconds…we gawk at it…and then it passes. It doesn’t really mean anything, but it catches our attention and gives us something to talk about for a few minutes. Then life goes on – or at least it should. The cosmic odometer has been giving us stuff to talk about since 2000. Let’s move on.

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