Cuneo Mansion & Gardens by: Ryan P.

Breathtaking artworks, sweet smelling gardens, amazing historical facts, and you can even have your wedding here at the Cuneo Mansion.  You will never be disappointed. You can go from one thing to the next and you will be occupied and amazed.

If you are a teacher, I would recommend this as a good place to have a class field trip. There are tons of things you can do there. It would be a great leaning experience for the kids.

The mansion is a great place to take your family to. There is a huge mansion full of historic art. It would take all day just to catch every wonderful work of art. When you are done, your family will say to each other, “let’s do that again sometime.”

Don’t forget to visit the gardens while you are there. The plants are in packs of hundreds. But it is not how many flowers there are, but the way they organize them to make beautiful fountains and walk ways that makes the place even more beautiful.

As you can see this is a great place to take your family, to have a class field trip or if you just want to gaze at the stunning gardens. This is a place you wouldn’t want to miss.

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