Deer Park Mall By: Brendan W.

Do you like shopping? If so, Deer Park Mall is the place for you when you are visiting Lake County.

To begin with, the restaurants are fantastic. You will find something to eat because there is pizza, sushi, Mexican and Italian food. If you’re looking for a quick bite you should try Go Roma, Noodles and Panera. If you are looking for a sit down you should try the Steak house Stoney River. They are known for having the best rolls in town. They come out warm and are served with cinnamon butter.

Another reason to visit this mall is that Deer Park is an outdoor mall. You can enjoy the nice weather in Spring and Summer all while shopping. They have a variety of stores – something for everyone in the family. They have amazing shopping from clothing to furniture and food to fine jewelry.

Last but not least, there are lots to do at the mall. For example during holidays they have Santa that children can visit. For Easter they have the Easter Bunny. This mall even has a movie theater. so after a long day spent shopping you can relax and watch a movie with your friends and family.

In conclusion you should visit Deer Park Mall because they have fantastic restaurants, an outdoor mall and lots to do at the mall.

By: Brendan W.

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