Didier Farms by: Ashley B.

You should go to Didier Farms close to Halloween because it has shows and pumpkins, gift shops and lots of rides.

The shows and pumpkins patches are great. There are lots of different shows like puppet shows, magicians and animal shows. There are pumpkins all over the ground, so there are wagons to carry them.

Didier Farms also has gift shops. There is a Halloween shop with spooky things. In the gift shop there is a food court with great snacks if you are hungry.

Last, there are fun things to do like corn mazes, tractor rides and fast slides. My FAVORITE place is the petting zoo where kids can pet different kinds of animals like goats, pigs, llamas and lots opf other animal.

Didier Farms is an awesome place because of its shows and pumpkins patches, gift shops and great rides.

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