Driving Me Batty


By Dobie Maxwell –

   Every kid I’ve ever met from my generation if asked to name the most famous car of all time is probably going to say the Batmobile. I know I would. That was my obsession growing up, and as soon as I got my first car I immediately started transforming it into my dream car I’d been seeing on TV since my earliest memories. I was bound and determined to keep criminals off the streets.

The only problem was my first car was a blue Chevrolet station wagon. I can’t see many arch criminals quaking in fear seeing that drive down the street now, but at the time I wasn’t about to let anything get in my way. I painted the car black with a brush, and got some orange paint to put bats on the doors. Everyone in my neighborhood thought I was nuts, as this was around 1979.

My timing couldn’t have been worse, as the TV show was popular around 1969 and the yet to be made blockbuster Batman movie starring Jack Nicholson was released in 1989. I missed both by ten years in either direction, and I was looked at as a kook by most and a visionary by a few.

That being said, I still had a blast and I’m glad I did it. I’ve had many cars since, but I doubt if I’ve had half the amount of fun in all of them combined as I did in my high school years driving my own personal Batmobile. I heard they just auctioned off the original one for $4.2 MILLION.

Holy money bags, Batman! I wonder who bought it and if he or she would let me use it to take on a date next Saturday night. What woman wouldn’t be impressed to ride in the Batmobile? I’m still working on my bucket list, but that would definitely be on it. For those in Lake County who are fellow Batfans, check out one of the other TV show cars at the Volo Auto Museum. For more information go to

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