Enjoyed the ride to the Great Lakes Naval Museum

I absolutely love going to the Great Lakes Naval Museum. I have been there several times already this year, and every time that I go I learn something new and I see a different artifact. Personally, I am inspired by anyone in the Military, as they are our true heroes. Every time that I see someone in the Military, whether it be at an airport, sporting event (Soldier Field) or out in public, I make an attempt to go over to them, say thank you and shake their hand. So, when I go to the Great Lakes Naval Museum, I am so inspired and want to know everything about the Navy and what the recruits go through to become sailors. The Naval Museum does a great job of this, as they have display boards that feature what a recruit does each week for the first 8 weeks. They have a room that is just about the history of the Navy, one about women in the Navy, and one about diversity in the Navy. They have displays of old artifacts throughout the museum that include old uniforms, replicas of ships, a lot of history photos. They even have a wall where sailors can write memories about their time at Great Lakes. For anyone that wants to know how Sailors sleep in the barracks or on the ships, the Great Lakes Naval Museum has a bunk bed on display, which demonstrates how the bed is to be made and how they are required to have their belongings organized. The bed has a hydraulic system that lifts the mattress up and that is where their belongings are.

Now, one of my favorite things is to be at the Great Lakes Naval Museum when sailors are present because you are able to chat with them about Navy related. They are extremely outgoing and willing to tell you all sorts of stories about the Navy, what they like, where they are headed to next, and what they have experienced. It is especially inspiring to be in the museum on Fridays after graduations. Families are there with their sons or daughters and for me, it is an amazing experience to see them reunited for the first time in 8 weeks.

The Great Lakes Naval Museum has activities for children on Saturdays throughout the year, where kids will learn about the Navy and do a craft activity. The craft materials are supplied and there is no cost for this event.

If you have not already done so, I highly recommend a visit to the Great Lakes Naval Museum. Naval Station Great Lakes is the only recruit training commend in the country, so anyone who wants to be a sailor has to go through Great Lakes. The Great Lakes Naval Museum is an amazing treasure in Lake County that I think everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

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