Final Weekend for the Best and Biggest Fright Fest Ever!

I love scary movies.  But what’s better than movies?  Getting to live out the same scenarios, in real life, but surviving. And spending the whole night laughing about how that one creepy clown silently crept up behind your friends and just stood there quietly until they noticed and then ran away screaming.

This year is all about Fright Fest.  It’s never been this big or scary before.  Not only have they transformed the entire Hurricane Harbor area into one giant scream zone called The Bermuda Triangle, but they’ve also added two terrifying haunted houses to the mix.

It’s amazing to me that they go to such extremes to recreate every square inch of the park, just for the sake of scaring the life out of me… and I couldn’t be more grateful.

And try as you might, it’s hard not to get in the Halloween spirit with such dedicated actors serving freaky and creepy all on one devilishly, delicious plate.

Especially when you have this clown following you around.  I think no facial expression is WAY more scary than a cheesy one.  And these guys have the dead pan look down to an art form. 

My favorite part?  I have to say that I think going on the rides in total darkness really adds to the experience.  Not being able to tell what’s coming next makes the classic coasters that I’ve loved for years, something new and exciting.

Fright Fest closes on October 27th this year!  If any part of you is thinking it could be fun, let me assure you… it is!  This is your last chance to go, and I highly… highly recommend it.

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