First Experience of Live Music at Mickey Finn’s Amber Room

The Amber Room at Mickey Finn’s is a well known hot spot for live music in Lake County and on March 2, I finally was able to experience it in person. Three bands performed all original music for a reasonable $7 cover charge and I’m glad that I was able to experience the Amber Room in its current form, because later this year, Mickey Finns will be relocating down the street.

After a delay, the first band took the stage. The Amber Room was packed and was met with good chemistry between audience and the performing act. I was told that a private event had finished up before the first band started to perform their music, which may have added to the packed house, yet everyone in attendance appeared to be having a great time.

Even though the first band opened its set later than scheduled, they and the band that followed both performed their sets in their entireties. This left the third band of the night; however, with a shortened set. Unfortunately, when local bands perform live music, once in a while this situation occurs if the bands do not communicate with each other when things are running behind schedule.

The highlight of the night came when the Amber Room was about to close its doors and the crowd cheered for an encore from the final act. Even though the bar lights had been turned on, the Amber Room staff was kind enough to let the final act perform one last song for its fans.

It was gratifying to see this act of kindness on behalf of the Amber Room by helping out the closing act and the remaining fans that stayed late. After the final song of the night, excited fans ran up to the singer to take pictures, ending the evening on a positive note for everyone.

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