Goobye Bratwurst, Hello Broccoli!

By Dobie Maxwell –

   One of the most frightening experiences I’ve ever had was hearing my doctor tell me I had type 2 diabetes last year. I totally didn’t expect it, and it just about knocked me off of my chair. I have since changed my entire life through diet and exercise and I am completely off all medication.

Looking back now, it was the best thing that ever happened to me because it finally caused me to start taking care of myself. Americans as a whole eat pretty poorly, but comedians take it to an entirely new level. We take the cake – literally. Plus, being from Wisconsin didn’t help the cause very much. In Wisconsin, becoming a ‘vegetarian’ means putting extra onions on your bratwurst.

I used to cringe at the thought of having a salad, but now it’s my first choice whenever I can. In just about a year and a half, I’ve learned to make vegetables a habit and I have seen the light. I’m feeling better than I ever have, and no longer crave junk food. Goodbye bratwurst, hello broccoli.

One place I’m finding myself drawn to on a regular basis is Sweet Tomatoes restaurant. That’s a place I would have avoided like Superman shuns kryptonite before, but now I love it. They put every imaginable vegetable out on the buffet and it’s my job to pile it high on my plate and avoid spilling it before I sit at my table. If that’s my worst problem now days, I can totally live with it.

Not only that, they’ve got a selection of super soups that would make old man Campbell wince with jealousy. Either I’m getting old or getting smart, or maybe it’s both. Whatever the case, I’m enjoying my new found healthy side, and I might just apply for a job at Sweet Tomatoes to see if there’s an employee discount. There’s no way I’d have time to cut up all those veggies at home.

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