Guide to the Village of Mundelein

 Mundelein offers outstanding village services and educational opportunities, a strong industrial base and great housing values. Given its excellent location and access substantial property investment and flourishing downtown, Mundelein has all the attributes that make it an ideal place for redevelopment and growth.

The Village of Mundelein origins from 1650 when the Potawatomi Native Americans were trading with French fur traders.  The first Europeans who inhabited the area in the early 19th century which is now owned by the St. Mary of the Lake Seminary.

The town itself is named after George Mundelein who was the Archbishop of Chicago and later the Cardinal in 1915. The community was initially known as Holcomb, then renamed to Rockefeller in reference to business tycoon John D. Rockefeller. It was named after the Archbishop/Cardinal in 1924.

A few notable people in Mundelein include: Phil Moy and Jeff Moy who are twin brothers and artists for DC and Marvel Comics at one point. Philip E. Johnson is an actor from Mundelein who has been in such shows as Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Underemployed.

As we mentioned earlier, there was a lot of John D. Rockefeller talk in the early part of the 1900s. There is a rumor that the business man stopped the train on its way through town and took a brief look around the new village after it was named after him.

I failed to mention that when it was called an ‘area,’ it actually stood for the acronym that educational entrepreneur Arthur Sheldon  coined: Ability, Reliability, Endurance and Action. Sheldon, who bought 600 acres and was renowned for his school and sales techniques attracted 10,000 students to the area.

Whatever it is that you love to do, celebrate the rich tradition of Mundelein. Eat, Play, Stay, Boogie and repeat in Mundelein.









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