Gurnee Mills by: Mohammed K. from the Hawthorn Elementary School in Vernon Hills

I am speaking to you today because I want you to go to one of the best tourist attractions in Lake County. It is the Gurnee Mills Mall in Gurnee, Illinois.

To begin with, Gurnee Mills mall is the most perfect shopping mall ever made. The stores have the most useful things. Everyone can find what they are looking for while shopping at this mall The clothes are really amazing and stylish. The stores always keep up with the latest fashions and because this mall is an outlet mall the prices are always right! Also, they have the most high tech electronics. If you are in the market for a new phone you can find it at this mall. Do you need a new TV? They also have it at Gurnee Mills.

Next, their restaurants are strongly recommended. Gurnee Mills’ has almost all restaurants. They have all types of food you could want from our side of the world to the next. The restaurants there are better than all the rest. I mean I went to Burger King in town and then I went to the one in the mall and I thought the one in Gurnee Mills tasted much better. The restaurants give perfect service. There are two food courts, Rainforest Cafe, Ruby Tuesdays and food at Rink Side in the mall. There is something to eat for everyone in the group.

They also have great entertainment. There is a movie theater right in the middle of the mall. Even the movies that just came out in are showing. It also has Rink Side which has an hockey size ice skating rink, miniature golf, laser tag and a huge arcade where you can play games and win prizes. There are also stores that sell Wii and Playstation games and systems, and ipod and iPads. They will also check electronics if you have a problem.

In conclusion, Gurnee Mills Mall in Lake County is the greatest shopping mall ever made.  Their restaurants are strongly recommended, shopping is enjoyable and perfect entertainment.



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