Independence Grove by Abhesspsa N.

Lush green woods all around, fresh pollution-free air, children and adults both alike enjoying a kayaking expedition in the undisturbed water of a lake. All of

Picture courtesy of Nicholas B.

this can be found at Independence Grove, a natural forest preserve located at 16400 W. Buckley Road in Libertyville, Illinois. It’s time to free yourself of the city’s commotion and your problems and enjoy the calmness of Independence Grove.

You can bike, canoe, or kayak around the spacious marina. Don’t have a bike or a boat? Don’t worry, you can rent one there. If you are not into boating and fishing is your hobby, then visit the lake which is natural and full of fish ready to bite. You can also hike on the trails which contain breath-taking scenery. Talking about scenery, sunset watching is a hit there. Independence Grove is located in an excellent place to watch the sun set. It even has a beach which children enjoy. Does your dog liked to be walked in the country? Bring your dog to Independence Grove, it has a special dog park open 6:30am-6pm.

The marina, which is 115 acres big, is open from 6:30am to one hour before sunset. The beach is open from 10am to 6pm. There is also a cafeteria, which is open from 10:30am-4pm. Both children and adults will enjoy coming to Independence Grove. There is something for everyone to do.

In conclusion, Independence Grove is the best place for your family to go while on vacation, especially if you like nature and fresh air. I strongly urge you to go to Independence Grove while you are visiting Lake County, you will be happy you did.


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