Independence Grove by: Nicolas B. from the Hawthorn Elementary School in Vernon Hills

Are you looking for the best place to go in Lake County? Then you should go to the beautiful Independence Grove in Libertyville.

The first reason you should go is because there is beautiful scenery and nature in the town of busy Libertyville. During the spring and summer there are beautiful flowers you and the bumble bees will love. You can also look at the sparkling lakes and ponds that are just gorgeous. There are also beautiful trees that are home to many different types of beautiful birds for bird watchers to look at. During the winter you can ice fish, cross country ski or just take a hike on the trails.

A second reason you should go is they have year-round fishing activities. When you fish it is catch and release so it helps the environment. You can also rent boats to fish off of. In the winter there is even ice fishing.

The final reason you should go is if you happen to be at Independence Grove during the summer you can listen to a band play. You can bring a picnic and some takeout food and listen to beautiful music. If you want to spend time with friends and family this is a perfect place. This is a wonderful event that you never want to say “I’ll pass” to.

So if you want to see beautiful scenery, go fishing, take a hike or bike ride or just spend time with relatives and hear beautiful music Independence Grove in Lake County is the place to go.




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