Jelly Belly Factory through the eyes of 5th graders Brandon and Karla from Hawthorn Elementary School in Vernon Hills

Have you ever tasted over 150 flavors of Jelly Beans? If not, I strongly feel you should visit the Jelly Belly Factory. The earliest time you can go is at 9:00am to 5:00pm. I hear that if you go on the tour that at the last hour you will get a free packet of jelly beans. That sounds yummy. I guarantee that all of you over 4 years will love the Jelly Belly Center. This is excellent for adults too because after a hard day at work you can come to the Jelly Belly Center where you can eat as many jelly beans as you want to. Also, you can’t forget about the tours there that will take you through the whole center. Did you know that you can watch the workers make jelly beans also? The last and final thing you can do there is go on a jelly belly train. So as you can see the Jelly Belly Center is an excellent place to go. I hope you visit this one of a kind, top-notch factory!

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