KeyLime Cove by: Alex C., Alex K. & Felix at the Hawthorn Elementary School in Vernon Hills

Are you looking for an amazing place to swim? Well than KeyLime Cove is the place to go! They have great pools and slides. They even have body slide. It’s so fun! Have one of your friends been there? Then they must have told you about the food and drinks there. There’s also a huge arcade that has so many games, you will be too busy to finish your dinner. It’s spectacular!

The swimming pool has a bunch of slides and at the main part, there are small slides, big slides and a swirly slide. Also at the main part, there are a bunch of water guns so you can have a big water gun fight! The lazy river is a great place to relax. You can stroll down the lazy river without being disturbed. The body slides are so fast you’d be down in  a flash.

The food there is not very expensive, but it is very good. There is a big selection there and the drinks refresh you from swimming all day. The chairs are very comfortable and will make you feel relaxed. The people who work her are very nice and kind. They sell all kinds of different food there, from salad to macaroni and cheese!

If you like video games or any kind of game, then this will be your heaven. The arcade is awesome and you can win big prizes! It’s so fun!! It’s so good and inexpensive. You can get a lot of tokens with just $20!! Awesome!

Now that you know all about KeyLime Cove, their waterpark, arcade and their fantastic dinners, you can go there for your vacation.

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