KeyLime Cove by Charlie N.

I think that all of you fantastic people out there would really like KeyLime Cove in Gurnee, Lake County, Illinois and here are my reasons why.

Picture of KeyLime Cove by Taylor

My first reason is KeyLime Cove has a GIGANTIC water park. The water slides lead outside of the building, then they lead back into the building. There is a huge pineapple that fills up and splashes the water all over the water park. The water park also has a wave pool. The waves tug you to the end of the pool.

Second, the arcade. It is GINORMOUS, even bigger than Chuck E. Cheese’s. They have arcade machines bigger and taller than houses! They have an ice cream parlor at the end of the arcade and you can have breakfast there too. You can tickets by playing certain games and then you trade the tickets for prizes. Since the games cost, the tickets are very valuable.

Finally, the restaurants there are very peaceful and romantic, but kids like them too. The food is super tasty, you could nearly say,  “This is the best food in the world.” One of the restaurants has a little stage that you can dance on. They also have friendly and speedy service.

In conclusion, I think all of you should take your vacation at KeyLime Cove because they have a huge water park, a gigantic arcade, delicious restaurants and fun for the whole family.


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