La Hacienda at Deer Park Town Center

Having traveled on Route 12 hundreds of times between Illinois and Wisconsin, I could paint a clear mental image of what the Deer Park Town Center looked like before stepping foot on location simply by driving past it so many times. It’s a beautiful upscale open air shopping center with over 70 stores and restaurants that still look as appealing today as they did over ten years ago when the shopping center first opened.

On March 2nd, for the first time, I visited the Deer Park Town Center to celebrate a friend’s birthday at La Hacienda De Los Fernandez Mexican restaurant. One of the first observations I came upon was that The Town Center is spread out with plenty of parking making it easy to drive in and out without having to fight for a spot.

Once inside the restaurant, we were greeted with friendly service and surprisingly, did not have trouble requesting seating for a table of ten at 7 p.m. on a Saturday without reservations. La Hacienda was pretty crowded that evening, yet our wait time was only five minutes.

To start the birthday celebration, everyone ordered a variety of margaritas, which were reasonably priced and delicious. As expected in most sit-down Mexican restaurants, chips and salsa were provided complimentary prior to the arrival of the main course. For the main course, I ordered soft shell steak tacos.

During the duration of our stay at the restaurant, four tables, including our own were celebrating birthdays that evening! Several staff members would come out of the kitchen singing with a birthday treat in hand. The treat was a large piece of chocolate cake with a bright sparkling candle sticking out of the middle. As expected, the birthday girl was simultaneously excited and embarrassed as she looked on to the chocolate cake in delight ready to eat, while politely and embarrassingly listening to the restaurant staff sing her a birthday song.

The overall experience at La Hacienda De Los Fernandez Mexican restaurant in Deer Park Town Center was positive. Quick and friendly service, yummy food and drinks, reasonable pricing, and easily accessible parking made for a relaxing evening. I would recommend this experience to anyone who was looking for Mexican food in the Deer Park area.

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