Lambs Farms by: Jonah F.

You should come to Lambs Farm because they have fun things to do like sports, fun rides, petting zoo, pet shop and other fun things.

First of all, you should visit Lambs Farm because they have fun sports. They have a 18-hole mini golf course and a cow bouncy house. They also have a big playground for kids to play in.

The second reason you should visit Lambs Farm is because of the rides. They have a carousel and on the weekends they have a train that takes you on a ride around the farm.

The last reason for visiting Lambs Farm is all the other fun things they have. They have a farmyard with a petting zoo, that houses a 600 lb pig named Wiggles, sheep, lambs, goats and a small animal pen with rabbits or chicks. They also have a pet shop, country store, restaurant and much more.

In conclusion, you should visit Lambs Farm because they have fun sports, fun rides and a lot of other fun stuff. The farmyard is open daily in the summer through October and weekends in November, but the stores and restaurant are open all year. I highly recommend you visit Lambs Farm.


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