Libertyville Sports Complex by: Student at the Hawthorn Elementary School

Softball, baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, volleyball, lacrosse, football, rock climbing and lastly a workout center. If you like any of these activities then Libertyville Sports Complex is the perfect place for you. For every sport there is a team.

Picture courtest of Amanda M. from the Oak Grove School

Libertyville Sports Complex has the best birthdays. If you have a kid who has a birthday coming up and they like sports, take them to the complex. If they like the idea of having a party there, you have to call first. They give you the best food. They give you any pizza topping you want. You also get cake with frosting or cupcakes.

Do you like golf? The complex has an all-year driving range, so you can hit some golf balls even in the winter. This is the only outdoor all-year driving range in Lake County. Each unit has a warming unit. They also offer golf lessons if you want to learn how to play. You can bring your own clubs and balls or a card that gives you the balls. It is amazing.

When you walk in you see a huge climbing wall. It is very hard to make it all the way up to the top. The climbing wall has rules. You must be 40 inches tall and if you are under 10 years old an adult must be with you at all times. You also must wear a strap.

If you like playing sports, practicing golf, working out, a challenging climbing wall or having a sports theme birthday party, this is the place for you.

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