Libertyville's Dog Days by Ryan P.

Woof! Woof! Want to do something fun with your dog while visiting Libertyville in Lake County this summer? Then go to the Libertyville Dog Days!

First, the Dog Days allow you to spend the whole day with your dog and your family while shopping.

Dog lovers get to see many unique types of dogs. For example, German Shepherds or Saint Bernards and maybe a Great Dane. If it’s a hot day then stop by Starbucks and get a beef flavored snow cone for your pooch. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you they also have Dairy Queen. Are you and your pooch a fan of getting your nails done? Then stop at Touche Salon, where they do paw-nail painting and doggy do’s.

There are a lot of adoption centers to adopt man’s best friend. The adoption centers have all the supplies you need for your dog. The people who work at the adoption centers will help you find a furry friend who’s just right for you. Most adoption centers will watch your dog if you have to go on a trip.

The Dogdocks will get your pooch wet. Any kind of dogs can compete in the Dogdocks. Be sure your dog can swim. Dogs will be judged on speed, distance, height and how far your dog can swim. If your dog wins it will go to the local competitions with 9 other non-professional dogs. Your dog will get a trophy, swimsuit and be names Libertyville’s Big Air Dog!.

This is a great event to attend with your family and your dog. If you are looking for a dog you should come out also and check out the one for adoption. You can also come out just to watch the dogs compete.


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