Lincolnshire Marriott Resort Front Desk Supervisor Greets Guests with a Smile

Anthony Massa, Front Desk Supervisor, Lincolnshire Marriott Resort

Anthony Massa, Front Desk Supervisor, Lincolnshire Marriott Resort

As we continue to celebrate National Travel & Tourism Week and educating everyone on the importance of travel, today’s featured front line work in the Lake County Tourism & Hospitality Industry is Anthony Massa, Front Desk Supervisor at the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort.

When I am on vacation I love walking into a hotel and being greeted by a smiling face at the front desk. I am already excited to be away from my normal day life and ready to kick back and relax. That smiling face makes me feel as if I am welcomed and they are glad that I am staying at their hotel. Anthony Massa is that smiling face that will greet you as you walk into the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort. He loves meeting new people and making sure that guests have a great time at the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort. He found his passion for helping people when he worked at a summer camp when he was younger and helped campers check into their cabins and introduce them to their counselors. From that moment, he knew the hospitality industry was the place for him. Anthony started out as a bellman at the Marriott and quickly rose through the ranks while attending college. He enjoys the opportunity to hear guests say that they had the best time at his hotel and they will be returning. He really enjoys the outdoors. During his spare time you will find Anthony Scuba Diving and Rock Climbing as they are his two favorite activities, but he will also be found mountain biking, and participating in any type of water sport. Here are some questions that we asked Anthony on why he loves working in the tourism industry.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The thing that I most enjoy about my job is being able to meet many different kinds of people. When working in a hotel you learn so much about the different types of cultures and lifestyles. Working at a hotel also gives me the opportunity to be able to make people smile and have a better day than what the where having.

How does tourism affect your job?
Tourism directly affects my job. We give accommodations to the people that travel into the area. If people do not travel then we are not able to sell rooms.

What gives you the most joy when serving guests?
I enjoy the most when a guest comes up to me at the end of their stay, and they tell me that they had the best time at our hotel and will be coming back to see us.

What lead you to joining the tourism industry?
I started working at a summer camp in the Florida Keys. My job was to check in campers into their cabins and show them their consoler’s. There were campers from all over the country. I was able to help make their time at our camp a great one. Ever since that time I have been tied into the industry.

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