Long Grove by: Tayloy A. from the Hawthorn Elementary School in Vernon Hills

If you need a place to have fun then go to Long Grove! Long Grove has many festivals throughout the year. They also have a farmers market in the summer. Long Grove is made up of over 70 shops and one of them is a popcorn shop.

First, Long Grove has many fun-filled festivals. You could got to the Strawberry Festival which is held the third weekend in June, or the Chocolate Festival usually held the last weekend in April or the first in May. They also have a fine art and wine festival in August that is for adults.

Second, Long Grove has a farmers market which has a lot of fresh foods that taste delicious. Plus, if you buy food from the market you are making a really healthy choice because the food is fresh picked and it is much better for you than store bought. Also there are food stands that you can buy food for a cheap price.

Last of all, there is so many shops to visit, but I like the new popcorn shop! The shop has healthy popcorn that is great and there is also popcorn that is not the best for you. There is buttery popcorn, caramel popcorn, vanilla tasting, cheese popcorn and many more flavors. Also they have refreshing drinks to wash down the popcorn.

These are only¬† a couple of reasons why you should go to Long Grove. They have festivals, over 70 shops and a farmers market. Don’t forget to visit the popcorn shop. So next time you are in Lake County, make sure you go to Long Grove.

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