Marriott Resort and Theatre

Do you need a break? Well if you do then come to Lake County to visit the Marriott Resort and Theatre. It is like a miniature getaway located in Illinois.

Are you tired of leaving your resort while on vacation? Well not anymore, the Marriott has a golf course for those men out there who like golfing and for you ladies there is a great spa. To get all your energy out there is also a great work out area to get all your energy out.

In addition, the Marriott has all different types of plays. For example there are comedies, very good singers, and some plays are serious and might make you cry they are that good. All the actors and actresses are amazingly talented and they all do a wonderful job at playing their parts and taking on their roles.

Lastly, the Marriott’s hotel is the best above the rest! This hotel has large rooms with king sized beds. In the hotel there is a first-class pool for the families staying there. You can all enjoy your time swimming and playing in the water. The hotel also offers a wonderful restaurant and their service is very speedy and the employees are super nice.

As you can see, the Marriott Resort and Theatre located in Lincolnshire, Illinois is the best place to visit in Lake County. It has wonderful things to do for your entire family, a theatre on location, and the hotel is phenomenal!

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