Mars Attracts

   The biggest news story in a while happened this week as an unmanned spaceship landed on the surface of the planet Mars. Or did it? There were rumors that the moon landings were faked, and some still believe that to be true. It’s hard to tell what’s real anymore, but supposedly it occurred.

I saw the first images and I suppose they could have faked it, but what fun would that be? That seems like a lot of work for no real payoff. How would they do it, set up a couple of cameras out in somebody’s back yard in Arizona for a few months and pipe in pictures? It might fool some of the people for a while, but then a hungry coyote would wander by and the game would be over.

Not that my opinion means anything, but I think they really did it. There’s now a governmental outpost originating from Earth in place on a neighboring planet, and all bets are off. Things could get interesting but quick. We can all expect to hear big news from this story for decades to come.

This kind of stuff is right up my alley. I’ve loved everything about outer space and life on other planets and space ships since I was old enough to read. Even before that, I remember listening to my grandfather tell me stars like our sun exist and there were lots of planets all throughout space.

Even then, I never believed we were the only ones in our universe. I didn’t believe we were the only ones in our solar system. I don’t know why I didn’t believe that, but I didn’t and still don’t. I believe there has been life on Mars for eons, and we’re going to discover it soon – the hard way.

I just hope whomever or whatever we should run across is at least a little nicer than we are and has their act somewhat together. I can picture the NASA scientists showing up for work one day only to learn we have been robbed and our gazillion dollar roving space vehicle is up on blocks.

Or worse yet, they’re a pristine peaceful society where everyone lives in harmony and we bring our problems and shortcomings with us to a new planet. It’ll start out friendly enough, but like an out of town relative showing up out of the blue and staying too long – there will be a BIG argument.

Why haven’t we gone back to the moon since the ‘70s? We were there several times allegedly, and all of a sudden we stopped going back. Coincidence? Did we wear out our welcome? Maybe we live in a gigantic terrestrial trailer park and we’re the Beverly Hillbillies. I wouldn’t doubt it.

Let’s hope we’re not as good as it gets. It’s frightening to think we have the nicest trailer in the park and everyone else looks to us for support with the way we abuse our planet like a rental car. I’d like to think there’s hope and there are cosmic brethren out there who can help us to evolve.

Whatever the case, this is all fascinating to me. I’m attracted to anything space related, and I’m the host of a weekly Sunday night radio show heard on AM 1050 WLIP in Kenosha, WI called ‘The Mothership Connection’. We cover subjects like this and a lot more ranging from aliens to zombies. We are also heard online 8pm to midnight Central Time at

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