Bowling, anyone??

Super Bowling

By Dobie Maxwell – Living close to a state line can have its downside. There are often clashing traditions that aren’t shared on both sides of said line, and one is forced to develop new habits when venturing over to the other side. Being from Wisconsin, naturally I was introduced to bowling at a […]

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Great Lakes Naval Museum Photos

The Great Lakes Naval Museum is open to the public free of charge Wednesdays through Saturdays at the Main Gate of Naval Station Great Lakes. Stay tuned next week for our YouTube Video Blog about the Great Lakes Naval Museum!

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01-31-13 blog

Deer Park Mall By: Brendan W.

Do you like shopping? If so, Deer Park Mall is the place for you when you are visiting Lake County. To begin with, the restaurants are fantastic. You will find something to eat because there is pizza, sushi, Mexican and Italian food. If you’re looking for a quick bite you should try Go Roma, Noodles […]

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Holy Lake County Treat!

Driving Me Batty

  By Dobie Maxwell –    Every kid I’ve ever met from my generation if asked to name the most famous car of all time is probably going to say the Batmobile. I know I would. That was my obsession growing up, and as soon as I got my first car I immediately started […]

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The Shed – A Cool New Hangout for Musicians

The Shed 1480 is a member based musician’s club with luxurious amenities based out of Highland Park. Generally, bands practice in a garage or unfinished basement with little or no temperature control, limited space and family members or neighbors who may complain about the noise. This is where The Shed comes in as a major […]

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