Century Park by Alex

Century Park by: Alex

Have you ever been to Century Park? It is the best! If you have been there you know it has the best scenery, sports areas and it is the biggest park in Vernon Hill Park District. First, some of the most pleasing parts in the park are the lakes, forests and the flat land is […]

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Lots Of Lotto

By Dobie Maxwell –    Living close to a state line provides opportunities most people don’t get to experience living in the middle of just one. One thing I notice much more since moving to Lake County is the war of state lotteries between Illinois and Wisconsin. There are several rivalries between the two […]

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Jubilee Days Parade in Zion

Weekend Watch for Labor Day Weekend

Don’t miss Buffalo Grove Days 2012 happening through Monday at the Clayton Municipal Campus. This annual festival has fun for the entire family, which includes a carnival, live entertainment, a parade, fireworks, bingo, food tent, arts and craft fair, BBQ challenge, kids craft tent and much more. The live entertainment will feature Jamie Lono, from […]

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Picture courtesy of Nicholas B.

Independence Grove by: Matthew H.

Majestic horses, one-of-a-kind 115 acre lake, bike trails and amazing sightseeing. If you guessed Independence Grove than you are right. This exquisite attraction is located off of Buckley Road in Libertyville, Illinois. Unlike other places it is open to all ages. It is open daily from 6:30am until sunset. For residents of Lake County it […]

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All Over The Plates

By Dobie Maxwell –    I have fought long and hard throughout my entire life to overcome what some may consider to be tremendous odds. I’ve managed to buck the system more often than not, and scraped together what many consider to be a successful life. That being said, I’m very sympathetic to underdogs. […]

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When Do You Eat Dinner?

By Dobie Maxwell –    One of many unexpected lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way from a lifetime of travel across North America is that very few if any of us speak the English language in exactly the same way.  And I’m not even referring to accents at all. Trying to decipher […]

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