Independence Grove

Independence Grove by: Ben G.

If you are moving to Lake County, you are in for a big treat. Independence Grove in Libertyville, IL, will close to you. You should go to Independence Grove because they have a kids summer camp, a huge playground, a beach and a lake. The first reason why you should go to Independence Grove is […]

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Lambs Farm by Hannah

You should really try to come to Lambs Farm. There is so much to see and do there. So many fun things to do there too. You can also  host a special event or attend one of their events. The place is open daily in the summer and weekends during Spring and Fall. There are […]

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Signs, signs...

Signs Of The Times

By Dobie Maxwell –    The last thing I want to do today is ramble on about my political opinions – like they’ll have any impact whatsoever on influencing anyone who might stumble across them. This election year has been by far the most polarizing of any I can ever remember, and I’ve seen […]

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Rink Side

Rink Side by: Patryk L.

You should go to Rink Side Family Entertainment Center because there is a lot to do there. This great place has a lot of arcade games, a huge ice skating rink, laser tag, mini golf, a restaurant and rooms for birthday parties. The games are so much fun. You can play a round or two […]

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This is 'fun'?

Fun Size Fits All

By Dobie Maxwell –    Halloween for me drudges up all kinds of unpleasant memories I’d rather not revisit, but I can’t help reliving them every year when I see the kids trick or treating. My neighborhood as a kid was a vast wasteland when it came to cashing in on sweet treats, and […]

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Bass Pro Shops by: Ellen

You should really go to Bass Pro Shops because they have a lot of stuff like camping equipment, kid’s stuff, archery, fishing and much more. Bass Pro is great for the whole family. If you go there you can get any kind of camping gear that you need. Some of the camping stuff they have […]

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