Patterson Glass Hearts

A week and a half ago, I had the pleasure of stopping by Patterson Glass in Mundelein, which introduced me to a brand new experience: glass blowing. Patterson Glass is currently offering this unique opportunity to its guests who want to create a glass heart for Valentine’s Day. Not only will you have an original gift for your special someone that you personally created, but you’ll also walk away with an unforgettably rare experience.

Creating a Valentine’s Day heart helps put into perspective the methods of sculpting glass and the detail that goes along with it. Using extreme temperatures to liquefy sand, a metal rod is then used to gather the molten liquid, which is shaped and detailed during this stage. Constant rotation of the metal rod is necessary to keep the form intact while keeping the molten liquid from dripping off. The creative process takes around twenty minutes before the glass is solidified and cooled off.

Beyond the Valentine’s Day hearts, Patterson Glass offers an array of visually stunning custom glass sculptures. These may include vases, artistic figures, decorative light bulbs, ring and pen holders, glass glow balls and a variety of other specialty options. In addition to the variety of shapes and colors, Patterson also creates and sells various glow in the dark glass creations.

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Peter Patterson Glass Video Webisode

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