Penguins at Gurnee Mills Mall!

Today only, Thursday, January 24th come out to Gurnee Mills Mall before 9:00 p.m. to see live penguins for free! Being such a huge penguin enthusiast myself, seeing these cute birds up close in person was quite a treat.

Sponsored by SeaWorld, this exhibit is making several stops across the county to promote “Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin,” a new attraction at SeaWorld Orlando opening this spring. For their stop at Gurnee, not only do you get to see live penguins within a massive ice dome, but prizes and pictures are also available for kids. In addition to the SeaWorld exhibit, Coca-Cola is on hand giving out complementary beverages from one of their new Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, which lets you choose from over 100 different beverage combinations.

How can Gurnee Mills Mall be home to penguins for a day without a climate controlled room? Temperature controls are not necessary because these are Blackfoot penguins, one of four species of warm climate penguins! Not only are they warm penguins, but they also made the journey from the San Antonio, Texas SeaWorld location, so rest assured that they are quite comfortable here in Gurnee, Illinois.

For this event, four penguins were brought in to Gurnee. The first couple will make an appearance at the mall in the morning and the second pair comes out for the evening shift. While two of the birds are working hard impressing all of the mall guests, the other two get to relax in a local Lake County hotel room where they can run around freely in a “childproof” room. Be sure to stop by the ‘G’ Show Court entrance at Gurnee Mills Mall today to see penguins!

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