Photographer Ryan Spencer Reed Exhibit at Urban Edge

Ryan Spencer Reed ExhibitThere’s now an exhibit in Waukegan that gives you an inside look of what’s goes on in an American army troop.

The Waukegan Arts Council and Urban Edge Gallery in Waukegan have opened an exhibit to honor the brave men and women that fight for our nation’s freedom.

The exhibit entitled Despite Similarities to Reality, this is a Work of Fiction provided by Ryan Spencer Reed.


Ryan Spencer Reed at Urban Edge

Reed is an award-winning American photographer that received a healthy dose of the U.S. Military. Reed followed a tour of soldiers from the 506th Infantry Regiment. This photographer spent  two and a half years while this troop trained, deployed and reintegrated into society. Reed’s cousin was also a member of this regiment.

Also known as the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, this group soldiers’ inception was during World War II, most notably on D-Day for the Normandy Beach invasion. The regiment has gained popularity in pop culture in the book and adapted HBO TV miniseries ‘Band of Brothers,’ ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ and the video game Call of Duty.

Besides WWII, the 506th Infantry has fought in the Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

RDSC_0516eed is no stranger to documenting and addressing critical issues. The Ludington, Michigan photographer has also amassed photos focused on the Sudanese Diaspora, Detroit and others.

Currently, he is completing a long-term project on the modern incarnation of the Band of Brothers in which he followed the military unit through over a year of training and their deployment to Afghanistan. This body of work will focus on these soldiers’ experiences through modern surveillance and tactics as they have shaped policy and changed the way the world’s superpower went to war.

To get an up close and personal look of Reed, get a first taste with the video posted below. The wonderful free admission exhibit hosted by Urban Edge Gallery will house Reed’s exhibit until November 11.

Urban Edge Gallery
220 W. Clayton St.
Waukegan, IL 60085

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