Rink Side by: Patryk L.

You should go to Rink Side Family Entertainment Center because there is a lot to do there. This great place has a lot of arcade games, a huge ice skating rink, laser tag, mini golf, a restaurant and rooms for birthday parties.

The games are so much fun. You can play a round or two of laser tag and then play some of the arcade games. One of my favorite games is Fast and the Furious. Some of the games you win tickets and then you trade the tickets for prizes and candy. You can also play 18 holes of mini golf or get in feel like you are driving a race car.

Do you like to ice skate? If so, there is a huge and awesome ice skating rink where you can play hockey, free skate and broom ball. They have skates to rent if you don’t have a pair. You will have a blast.

When you go to a birthday party there, you will get pizza, soda, tokens to play some games and ice skating for free.

So now you need to go to Rink Side. It is located in Gurnee Mills Mall in Gurnee. I am sure you will have fun with all the arcade games, ice skating, laser tag and mini golf. You will also have an awesome time if you go to a birthday party there. This place is fun for everyone.

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