Ryerson Woods by: Sejal K.

Are you looking for a place to visit in the spring and having trouble with it? Well, Ryerson Woods is the place you might want to go to in the city of Deerfield in Lake County, Illinois and here are my reasons why.

First, you should go to Ryerson Woods because you could find many rare species there. For example, the blue-spotted Salamander is an amazing rare specie. Another rare specie is the Red-Shouldered Hawk which is brilliant. Last but not least the Easter Massasauga Rattlesnake is a breathtaking rare snake to see.

Next, you should go to Ryerson Woods because you can make maple syrup. Making maple syrup is one of the oldest commodities in the United States of America. You learn that sap is made out of sugar, minerals and mainly water, which is pretty interesting to learn. Finally, you get to taste the syrup you made.

Last but not least, you should go there because there are real animal skins and you can do interesting things with them. You get to touch the animal skins, which is pretty much my favorite part of visiting Ryerson Woods. Also, you get to see the Horned Owl and pet him. Lastly, some of the animal skins are from rare animals that you can’t find commonly in your neighborhood, zoos or anywhere.

I strongly recommend for you to go to Ryerson Woods because you could find many rare species, make maple syrup, and touch real animal skins. Have fun at Ryerson Woods and do amazing  things there!

By: Sejal K.

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