Signs Of The Times

By Dobie Maxwell –

   The last thing I want to do today is ramble on about my political opinions – like they’ll have any impact whatsoever on influencing anyone who might stumble across them. This election year has been by far the most polarizing of any I can ever remember, and I’ve seen quite a few in my day.

Instead of coming together to make a better America, I’m sensing an uncomfortable feeling of ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ – and I have to say I’m not thrilled about it. Whether it’s a candidate for President or Congress, people have extremely divided views and arguments are breaking out everywhere.

The only argument I want to start is: WHO IS GOING TO CLEAN UP ALL OF THE SIGNS? The only thing I think we can all come to an agreement on is that they are polluting our beautiful Lake County – and everywhere else. Now that the election is over, someone has to do their part.

Personally, I think the losing candidates should be held responsible for cleaning up the mess of political signage in a ‘winner take all’ arrangement. To the victors go the spoils – and that should include avoiding garbage detail. It’ll hopefully make people think twice about running for office.

This is completely out of hand, and as I drove through my neighborhood the other day I could have sworn I saw a Mondale sign in someone’s front yard. What I would have much preferred to see is garbage trucks driven by the losers and their campaign staffs removing signs from lawns.

Americans and Illinoisans chose who we chose, and now we must live with the consequences. If we have to, why shouldn’t the candidates themselves? The last time I recall a vote that meant anything to me whatsoever it was for that “silly rabbit” to have Trix cereal when I was a kid.

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