Six Flags by: Nicole J.

I think that you should to to Six Flags because they have long hours and it is open everyday in the summer and weekends for Fright Fest in October. There are rides for big and little kids. The little kids’ rides are not as scary as the big kids’ rides. They also have rides for really big kids and adults.

My first reason on why you should go to Six Flags is that there are upside down roller coasters and crazy fun rides for the whole family. They have special kids areas for the little ones which have rides just for them. They have rides that go up in the air and upside down and some rides that stay on the ground.

The second reason why you should go Six Flags is when you are spending a whole day there, you will get hungry. There is food all around the park and a food court if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. They also have drinks and foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, pizza and more.

In the summer you can go swimming in Hurricane Harbor. They have big slides, a wave pool, a lazy river and they are all so much fun.

In the fall Six Flags decorates for Halloween and puts on its Fright Fest. The whole park is changed and at night it is even and haunted houses for the older kids. Even though it is a little scary it is a lot of fun.

When you are visiting Lake County go to Six Flags and have an awesome time with your family. Everyone will have a smile on their face after a day of rides, food and shows. So make sure you check out Six Flags and have the best family vacation ever.


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