Six Flags Director of Park Operations Loves to See Smiles on Guests Faces.

Dameon Nelson - Director of Park Services at Six Flags Great America

Dameon Nelson - Director of Park Services at Six Flags Great America

As we continue to celebrate National Travel & Tourism Week and educating everyone on the importance of travel, today’s featured front line work in the Lake County Tourism & Hospitality industry is Dameon Nelson, Director of Park Services at Six Flags Great America.

Now most people know about Six Flags and have been to the park at least once a year, unless you are like me and have stopped several times through the summer, you may have noticed how clean the streets are inside the park. Well 20 years ago, a young Dameon Nelson started as a seasonal team member in the Park Services area keeping Six Flags Great America clean for all guests. Since then he has worked in several areas including ride operations and entertainment. In his current role as Director of Park Operations, Dameon oversees the daily functions of security, ride operations, aquatics, park services and guest relations. When he is not taking care of guests at Six Flags, Dameon produces and hosts the Pro Wrestling Report – a weekly sports talk radio/television program broadcast on ESPN radio and My 24 television channel in Milwaukee, WI. Here are some questions that we asked Dameon on why he loves working in the tourism industry.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I love the smiles that I see on our guest’s faces every day and the growth of our Team Members during the season.
How does tourism effect your job? Tourism is a huge part of what we do here and we work really hard to ensure that Guests from outer markets get the most out of their visit.

What gives you the most joy when serving guests? Hearing feedback from our Guests on the fun that they are having. The excitement, energy and joy that they exude is simply amazing.

What lead you to joining the tourism industry? I actually started here as a Park Services Team Member just over 20 years ago as a summer job. From there I had the opportunity to learn many different aspects of our business and grow as the company did.

How do you try to make a guests experience more joyful? It’s all about ensuring that our Guests have a stress and worry free day from the time they arrive at our gates until the time that they leave. We want to get them on as many rides as possible in a clean environment while making sure they are safe and secure.

Next time you are racing over to ride X-Flight or Batman: The Ride backwards, you can thank Dameon for working hard to provide a clean, safe a friendly environment for us to enjoy as many coasters as possible. He will be the smiling as we a screaming at the top of lungs while enjoying one of the 14 roller coasters.

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