Spring Break in ‘Fun-Shine’ at KeyLime Cove

Slides at KeyLime Cove Indoor WaterPark Resort

Young Children's Slides at KeyLime Cove Indoor Waterpark Resort.

Depending on which school district you’re located within, it’s about that time of year again when kids are off school for spring break. For kids, this is a week they’ve been looking forward to since Christmas break! For parents, it’s that one week of the year where many working adults take a week off work to either watch over their pride and joys or perhaps to get away from it all on a trip with the family.

This spring break, KeyLime Cove Indoor Waterpark Resort is running a limited time special called ‘Community Days’ starting on April 7th. The special is a $25 per person per day pass to the Lost Paradise Waterpark with no hotel stay required!

This park is full of so many fun activities for kids, that one day might not be enough time to experience it all! Thrill seeking kids can hop onto the Hurricane Vortex, where they’ll shoot out into a spinning circling adventure on a tube. Four giant body slides take you outside of the physical building and run for over 1,000 feet of fun!

For the kids who would rather take it easy, the Tsunami Washout Wavepool takes you and your raft around the climate-controlled waterpark in an environment that feels like ocean waves. Even slower and more relaxing is KeyLime Creek, where kids of all ages can lay back in a tube and slowly drift around.

The Community Days offer runs between April 7th and June 7th, but excludes Memorial Day weekend (May 24-27). Proceeds of the Community Days promotion benefit United Way of Lake County and the Gurnee Police and Fire Departments. Click Here to purchase your tickets today!

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