Things To Do This Weekend January 31-February 2

Go cuckoo for cocoa, laugh with some friends and watch the big game in this Super (Bowl) edition of things to do this weekend January 31-February 2. Winter time is the perfect time to throw on your stocking hat, grab your sled and find a snow-covered incline to race down. Click here for some of the […]

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April Fool’s! Seriously Though!

Today is April Fools Day.  No…. seriously.  It is.  Who doesn’t love a good laugh?  And why does it have to stop on April 1st?  We don’t think it does.  Here are a few ideas to help you carry over the laughter to some other days. Juz Jokkin’ Comedy Club is Open! New to Lake […]

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Steak trumps turkey in my book...

Turkey Shmurkey

By Dobie Maxwell –    I had an especially enjoyable Thanksgiving this year if I do say so myself. Those of us who are what I refer to as ‘dented cans’ can tend to dread the holidays, and quite frankly I’ve been one of them since childhood. Many comedians come from the worst of […]

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