Endless Ways to Welcome 2015 in Lake County

It’s time to say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015 – and there’s no better place to do that than in Lake County, which offers a variety of New Year’s adventures for every age and every taste, from mild to wild, and at all times of day. Below are just a few of the […]

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La Hacienda at Deer Park Town Center

Having traveled on Route 12 hundreds of times between Illinois and Wisconsin, I could paint a clear mental image of what the Deer Park Town Center looked like before stepping foot on location simply by driving past it so many times. It’s a beautiful upscale open air shopping center with over 70 stores and restaurants […]

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Knowin' In The Wind

By Dobie Maxwell –    Yesterday evening right after a delicious dinner – probably about 6:30ish or so – I unmistakably ‘felt it’. I hoped it wasn’t what I’d thought it was, but there was no doubt. As soon as I felt it, I knew exactly what it was and my blood ran cold. […]

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When Do You Eat Dinner?

By Dobie Maxwell –    One of many unexpected lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way from a lifetime of travel across North America is that very few if any of us speak the English language in exactly the same way.  And I’m not even referring to accents at all. Trying to decipher […]

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