easter in lake county


Things To Do This Weekend March 26-28

Hop into the spring weekend with candy and games galore. Enjoy an un-FORE-gettable game at Lincolnshire’s 18 hole course, hunting on Lake County’s finest sweet treat holiday or challenge yourself and others to crack a classified code at Lake County’s escape room. Sing all night long to rock and pop tunes and challenge your family to […]

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Things To Do This Weekend April 19-21

Spring is peeking its nose around the corner in this edition of things to do this weekend April 19-21. Can you believe it’s supposed to be 70 degrees on Sunday? Happy Passover and Easter to all of those who celebrate the holiday. Whatever holiday you are celebrating, or if you are just ready to see […]

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Guide to Easter in Lake County

Easter is not only a good time of year because you get to eat meat again, but it’s also a glimmer of hope that the weather is going to get better. Easter is always a tad weird when it’s in March. Nevertheless we have two weekends full of Easter activities. We’re at a good start […]

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