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Solar Eclipse Party in Lake County

  Are you ready for #Eclipse2017?! ⠀ We sure are! 😎⠀ ⠀ Follow the link in our bio to learn more about this partial Solar Eclipse captured by our Proba-2 spacecraft, who’s also going to be looking at the Sun during the eclipse next week, and don’t forget to share your captures of this astronomical […]

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2017 Lake County Guide to the Fourth of July

“Hurrah for the flag of the free. May it wave as our standard forever,” (cue the wicked piccolo solo). You’ll be humming everyone’s favorite Sousa ‘smash single,’ (Stars & Stripes Forever) as you scour through our 2017 Lake County guide to the Fourth of July. We all live for that moment when we look to […]

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Six things to do for $2 in Lake County

Searching for things to do for $2 in Lake County? You should probably bookmark this page. I for one am a penny pincher, and I like to have a night where I can be frugal with my Benjamin’s (or Washington’s). Let your wallet take 5, because things in Illinois can be very expensive. We’ve found […]

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Things to do this Weekend May 13-15

Why doesn’t Mother Nature want to agree with us yet? It’s almost like we get every season every other day. Sunday was at least perfect for Mother’s Day. If you’re a Cubs fan, winning nine of the last 10 is pretty impressive. If you’re a White Sox fan, this was probably an unimaginable start. As […]

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Things to do this Weekend April 15-17

This is a pretty heavy sports weekend. The NHL and NBA playoffs will both be in full swing this weekend and baseball just had its opening weekend. Not to mention, the end of the month will be NFL Draft. Only one more week until Six Flags Great America opens their doors. We will have a […]

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Things to do this Weekend April 8-10

This weather just can’t stay in one place. I don’t even have to go outside to figure that out, because my allergies will give me the weather forecast. It doesn’t mean we’re not built for this type of weather. Come on, you’ve lived in the Midwest long enough to know one day might be 70 […]

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