Six Flags


World Record Setting Roller Coaster Coming to Six Flags!

That’s right! You heard me.  Coaster enthusiasts rejoice!  We’re talking the tallest, steepest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the world. And it’s coming to Gurnee in 2014! The craziest thing about this coaster?  The the thing goes upside down… twice.  Oh, and there’s no shoulder restraints.  We’re talking over 70 miles an hour with […]

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Ravinia Festival

A Procrastinator’s Guide to the end of Summer

Every year I decide that this is the summer I’m going to take advantage of the weather and do as many fun things as I can manage.  But then today, I realized it’s August 23.  And that means there’s only one month of summer left.  30 days.  …4 weekends.  So I’m deciding to make this […]

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Batman Backwards is Intense

I got to ride Batman Backwards last week Thursday, during their Media Day event. And, let me tell you, it was definitely intense! It was a totally different experience going backwards. Now, I usually do not scream in fear when I am on roller coasters, but going backwards on Batman, I screamed like a little […]

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