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84 Lake County Events That Will Make Your 2018 Awesome

Looking for ways to get through these the cold weather blues in Lake County? We look forward to the year, for example, these 84 Lake County events that will make your 2018 awesome. There’s plenty of big things happening in Lake County. Great Wolf Lodge is moving to Gurnee this summer. Six Flags Great America is […]

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Winter Celebration

Things To Do This Weekend November 24-26

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 We hope that everyone has a safe and beautiful holiday full of great food, good companionship and much more. This weekend in Lake County, the holiday season really kicks into gear and many of the festivities begin. For a complete list of said activities, please click here. One of the most prominent post-turkey-day […]

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Thanksgiving Turkey4

Thanksgiving Day Guide in Lake County

This Thanksgiving, you don’t need to feel pressured to entertain, cook, and please your family and friends all at once. Lake County has a ‘cornucopia’ of events (to keep them busy), open restaurants (to do the cooking) and much more this Thanksgiving. Once you’ve eaten so much that you need to loosen your belt a […]

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2015 Turkey Trots and Running Events in Lake County

Do turkey’s trot? Well, I would be the last person to tell you yay or nay (but I always like the alliteration of the phrase). Whether they trot, run, scuttle, or Mick Jagger, they definitely do gobble. At this time of year someone is trying to feed you as much delicious homemade cuisine as possible. […]

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Steak trumps turkey in my book...

Turkey Shmurkey

By Dobie Maxwell –    I had an especially enjoyable Thanksgiving this year if I do say so myself. Those of us who are what I refer to as ‘dented cans’ can tend to dread the holidays, and quite frankly I’ve been one of them since childhood. Many comedians come from the worst of […]

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Aunt Charlene's favorite

A Love Of Olives

      By Dobie Maxwell – Thanksgiving week is once again upon us, and it always reminds of my wacky Aunt Charlene. Every family has their share of loony tunes, nutzos and flakazoid fringe dwellers, but my family is of extremely high pedigree in the dented can department. Holidays are when they all […]

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