Terrifying Haunted Houses in Lake County

For the record, I can be skittish at times. That’s why I don’t dare set foot into a haunted house.

However, there are an abundance of brave souls out there that want to brave the storm of a professional scarer. That said, Lake County holds a Master’s Degree in doing so.

Lake County has a hunger for the scare and Halloween in general. So for the next two weeks get your fill in if you’re a scare-junkie or a thrill seeker, because Lake County has your haunted house of choice. Take heed note that these aren’t for youngsters. If you’re looking for scary spaces that are suitable for children (in my words ‘G’ rated houses), Continue here.

Here are your Haunted Houses in Lake County.

Dungeon of DoomNew Dungeon of Doom

You may be wondering, what’s going on in the old Briquette Factory in Zion. Well the award-winning Dungeon of Doom Haunted House has moved there. This place is notorious in their reputation in having an extremely bone-chilling, wild-ride in Lake County. There is an underground feel to this space, and they are prepared to scare the living daylights out of you.

Fright Fest Haunted House

NOXGates of Hell

This is the home of Nox; the sworn leader of all things sinister in Six Flag Great America’s Fright Fest. He has placed his most tortured souls here and challenged them with the task of capturing more souls for his collection. It all takes a terrible turn in the House of Terror. Stand before the Gates of Hell and brace yourself for Fright Fest’s largest haunt ever!

Apocalypse: Zombie Experience 

This brand new refugee camp from the zombie outbreak has been overrun. If you were expeting to take refuge, you were sadly mistaken. For an additional fee, you can grab a gun and do your part in destroying the zombie invaders to reclaim this camp. Apocalypse guns can be purchased at SF Outfitters. Both of these new rides are located in Mardi Gras

Fear Haunted House

In the depths of the Bermuda Triangle you will encounter your most primal fear…darkness. Without a sliver of light and only instinct to guide, will you survive?

The Abyss

Countless occurrences have been recorded of the Bermuda Triangle with each tale as mysterious as the next and all left unanswered. Anything could happen when left alone in the Abyss.

Massacre Medical Center

This decrepit hospital was rumored to be vacated of patients and doctors years ago following a great massacre. Passersby near the hospital recall eerie noises and inexplicable images in the building – begging the question… who or what lurks within?

Manslaughter Manor: Sadie’s Revenge

This manor, tucked away in the Southwest Hills, has the reputation for being cursed by the residents of Skull Valley. Do you dare enter?

Watch the video below of our trip through Six Flags Great America’s Fright Fest.

The House of MacabreMacabre Haunt

This newly revamped haunt is prepping for a third year of terrifying guests while they walk through 15,000 sq. ft. of space as psychiatric hospital inmates roam freely about the haunted establishment in Antioch. Over 40 disease-infested patients may pop out from behind walls, corners, above ground, and who knows where else. 

Carnival of Chaos Haunted HouseCarnival of Chaos House at Barefoot Bay

When I see this place, I just think of Pennywise from Stephen King’s book/movie, ‘It.’ This demented carnival has arrived with scare connoisseurs to terrify, disgust and amaze. This is also not a place for the faint of heart and for children ages 14 and over.

The Realm of Terror Haunted House Haunted House

The Realm of Terror Horror Experience is Chicago and Milwaukee’s Premier Halloween Attraction located in Round Lake Beach. In 2015, thrill seekers and Halloween Enthusiasts alike can expect their biggest and craziest production to date.

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