The Cook Memorial Public Library by Grace

Did you ever go to the spectacular Cook Memorial Library in Libertyville, IL? If you’ve never been there and you enjoy reading and learning, then this is the perfect library place for you to go! It has the most stunning current information books that make you say “W O W!”, and the service is wonderful.

Did you ever need to do a book report? Cook Memorial Library holds all the information that you need. There are probably more than 1,000 books in the whole library section for information books. There are all different kinds of books for information.

The books have remarkable adventures behind the covers, and there are fairy tales, fiction, thrilling non-fiction, and much more that I could not possibly name! There are also a ton of typical bold print books for younger kids that do not know how to read advanced level books. Also, for people that are blind, this library has braille books that makes it easy for them to read. For the advanced readers they could borrow big fat novel books.

The service is amazingly helpful on finding the location of the books you want. Sometimes there are computers available to use to locate books or if there is not any computers open the librarian is there for you and those who are new to a library.

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