The Party in the Kitchen at the Clockwise Theatre

Clockwise Theatre's The Party in the Kitchen

Clockwise Theatre's The Party in the Kitchen

I had the pleasure of being at the Clockwise Theatre’s premiere of “The Party in the Kitchen”. The intimate setting is perfect for this play as I actually felt like I was part of each of the neighborhood parties that were the focal point of the play. The characters were very real and I found the scenes that featured just the youngsters in the cast – Samantha and Eric to be the most touching and memorable. My favorite character was Ava; she truly shined with her gritty lines and matter-of-fact way about her. I loved watching each of the characters grow and change throughout the turbulent times of 2001 thru 2009.

This felt like it could a series, I was wishing for more at the end. Hoping I could turn on the TV and see what was happening with these characters the following week. Kudos to playwright Madelyn Sergel and director, Andrea Dymond. The cast is superb, many of them returning from previous Clockwise productions. I look forward to more work from Madelyn and catching more productions in the future at Clockwise.

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